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      In addition to the DEGPAG Science and Technology 30,000sqm building, there are also standard staff quarters and related living and entertainment facilities such as canteens, commissary, ATMs, dance halls, karaoke halls, TV room, library, Internet cafe, basketball courts, football stadiums, badminton courts, Volleyball court, table tennis table, billiards, etc. The company's working environment is spacious and bright, the whole central air-conditioned workshop. DEGPAG Science and Technology Park provide for the vast number of employees a rich and colorful workspace and living space. DEGPAG is not only an electronic manufacturing service center, but also a science and technology and fun living community, giving people a warm feeling of family love.

      The Company has always been committed in the implementation of humane management, to open democratic, equal attitude as the management pays attention in caring for employees. Internally, employees are given training and learning opportunities and a system of free movement of personnel and internal promotions allows employees to compete in open competition for better jobs and higher treatment. At the same time, the company provides employees with a variety of activities to enrich the amateur cultural life of employees, such as the monthly birthday party for employees, sports competitions, tourism, holiday gifts, Mid-Autumn Party and a variety of skills competitions. As long as you have special skills, DEGPAG will show you their stage!

      Clothing: The company provide work clothes, shoes and other labor protection supplies.

      Food: There is a canteen in the park, employees according to individual needs of their own choice.

      Accommodation: According to the grade, there are staff dormitories, single rooms and suites, separate toilets and bathrooms, hot water all day.


      DEGPAG has been implementing the conceptof people-oriented Company, perfect platform for practice your knowledge, develop your skills, and grow your career. You are welcome to join us!

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